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Great California Shakeout Tips 2015



Today approximately 10.4 million people will participate in the Great California Shakeout. Be part of the largest earthquake drill in the world! Join California MENTOR, Walmart, Target and many other organizations as we “Drop, Cover, and Hold On”.

When an earthquake strikes whether you are at home, on the road, or at the grocery store …will you know how to react? How prepared are you? Learn more about taking action to reduce injury and death during earthquakes.

Individuals with Disabilities: If you care for, or are a person with disabilities, develop individual and family plans that include information about contacts, medications, supplies, and service animals.  The safety of those we serve is our priority. For disability specific methods of action please visit:

While Inside:  If you are inside when an earthquake begins, look for a safe place to “Drop, Cover, and Hold On.”  React quickly, drop to the floor before the impact of the earthquake knocks you down. Proceed to seek cover under a desk; place your hands over your head; and hold on until it stops shaking. DO NOT seek shelter under a doorway and DO NOT run outside. Once the quake has ended, cautiously check your surroundings for dangerous materials such as broken glass.

While Outdoors: If you are outdoors when an earthquake begins, find a clear spot free of trees, buildings, light poles and powerlines.

While Driving:  If you are driving when an earthquake begins, pull your vehicle over to a clear spot and be cautious of your surroundings. It is important to remain inside your vehicle with your seatbelt fastened until the shaking stops. Once it is safe to drive, DO NOT approach bridges or ramps that might have been damaged.

While in Bed: If you are in bed when an earthquake begins, it is best to remain in your bed with a pillow placed over your head to protect you from falling objects. It is vital to have your bed area clear from any overhead articles such as frames, candles or decorations of any kind. Create safe spaces for yourself.

California has the highest likelihood of earthquake risk compared to the rest of the nation. For many years, Californians have been anticipating the “big one”. It is important to raise awareness for earthquake preparedness and survival in case disaster strikes. Preparing for an earthquake of any magnitude can increase your chance of survival.

For more resources and additional earthquake safety tips visit:


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