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Who We Serve

Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

For an adult with an intellectual or developmental disability finding the right level of supports along with a place that truly feels like home can sometimes be a challenge. Working together with our Regional Center partners, California MENTOR can provide the solution that many individuals and families have been looking for. In our FHA program individuals with a range of abilities can live in a private home – which they have selected – and receive the services and supports they need from nurturing caregivers, called Mentors.

Flexible Services for Diverse Individuals

Because our FHA programs are based on each individual’s needs they are extremely flexible.  As the largest FHA, serving the entire Golden State, we’re always welcoming new Mentors and therefore broadening the types of family homes available to the individuals we serve. 

Clients Maria and Ricky photoAs a result, we can serve individuals with a diverse range of needs – from those who are very independent to individuals who require assistance with the most basic daily care needs.  In addition, our family homes can also accommodate individuals with behavioral or medical needs.  And because our focus is on families we strive to make sure that couples, as well as parents and their children, can live together in the same home – even if they are referred by different Regional Centers.

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